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Winter clothing in Ivanovo: buy winter suits, jackets, overalls, vests

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In recent years, special clothing for workers has changed significantly. So, to replace the old padded jackets and quilted jackets, came a new warm jacket. Sheepskin coats and sheepskin coats are still one of the most popular clothes in the winter, although they have changed their appearance, style and design. But the most important purpose and remained-to protect the person from the lowered temperature.

In winter, almost every employer wants to protect his employee from freezing, as the winters are capricious and severe. Therefore, winter clothing must meet the most stringent requirements: from its strength to wearing comfort.

Today in the clothes making use of completely different materials, where the main advantage is lightness. In addition, winter clothing, sewn with new technologies, copes with such loads as severe climatic conditions, the intensity of human work, moisture impermeability.

Requirements for winter work clothes.

For example, if a worker in the winter does not feel uncomfortable and his movements are as accurate as before, then the clothing is chosen correctly. Large cotton jackets and trousers are a thing of the past. Well-chosen high-quality winter clothes will be the main guarantee in the continuity of the work of the worker, regardless of what the weather outside – rain or snow with severe frosts.

Although, as a rule, hypothermia is not the only danger, because overheating is also not favorable. Therefore, all clothing is sewn only in accordance with international standards.

The basic functions of clothes?

Typically, such clothing is to execute 2 functions – protective and signal.

  • Protective clothing is used at work and under the influence of a variety of hazards, so sewn from a more durable material. In addition, it must be resistant to high temperature, be waterproof. An example of such clothing can serve as a suit art. COS201, which consists of a jacket and semi-overalls.
  • The signal function of overalls shall provide to the worker work in the conditions of poor visibility. It is usually made of bright fabrics that have patches of reflective materials. This allows you to see such a worker at a great distance. An example would be a suit art. COS211 where you have strips with reflective tape.

Using overalls from Ivanovo from the Textile Master, you can be sure that both in snow and in a rain it will not constrain movements during the performed work.