Clothing: summer

Buy summer workwear in Ivanovo wholesale: men's and women's work suits, pants, overalls


Rompers, overalls, trousers

What is work wear? The answer seems to be obvious and simple, but since there are many professions, there are several variants of work wear (as well as aspects of its choice).

Functions of overalls:

1. Protection against mechanical damage
Whatever work is not performed by the employee-loading, welding, digging, etc., it will be reliably protected from external influences due to the high working suits produced by Ivanovo. After all, they are made of dense and reliable fabrics on the new modern equipment.

2. Improving the company's image and recognition
Overalls and uniform always distinguishes the members of one company promotes their recognition. If you care about your own image and trust of customers — uniforms with company symbols — what you need.

Creating comfortable working conditions for employees
Agree that working in uncomfortable conditions, if hot or damp is very difficult, labor productivity falls. Thanks to our working summer suits from Ivanovo, your employees will feel comfortable as overalls will protect from any weather conditions.

Uniforms and work clothes for various specialties:

There are a lot of professions and their varieties, and for each of them has its own clothing.

  • In overalls, the movers do not have any standards – the most important thing is that this work wear is waterproof, windproof and convenient if the work is done on the street. Also in the wash it should be unpretentious. From our range of loaders to suit work suits and overalls - for example, art. COS11, art. COS028, art. COS023;
  • Working clothes for most professions-clothes with several pockets, designed for a variety of tools, as well as - with special sealing inserts, which ensures the durability of clothing. Among our range of summer work clothes you can choose suits for car mechanics, masters, security personnel.
  • For guards most often is used clothing coloring khaki. It is convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. We recommend you to order a suit working with trousers art. COS001. This clothing, as well as raincoat is perfect for fishing or hunting.

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