Special clothes

Special clothing from Ivanovo: signal clothing, protection against acids and high temperatures

Signal clothing

Special protective clothing for workers is of great importance when performing hazardous work on different types of production, as well as in the construction of buildings, roads, industrial facilities. The manufacturer has a high degree of responsibility, because the quality of such products depends not only on the successful performance of the relevant work, but also the safety of the workers themselves. That is why the wholesale of special clothing is one of the priorities of the company "Textile Master".

We offer several basic types of special clothing:

  1. Signal clothing is represented by two variants of high-quality work suits. It is intended for workers performing construction and road works. Suits for them are equipped with special reflective strips.
  2. Clothes for protection against acids are intended for workers of industrial objects of the corresponding profile;
  3. Clothes for protection against high temperatures will suit workers of any metal processing plant, as well as employees of other specialized enterprises.

We do not limit ourselves to providing the optimal protective function in the production of the proposed clothing for special purposes. Therefore, many large companies buy wholesale lots of this constantly necessary goods from us. The best conditions and the confirmed quality of production at cooperation with our company are guaranteed to you!