Signal clothing

Signal suits from Ivanovo

Warm suit TRUNK

2 060 rubles

The suit is for work SIGNAL

901 rubles

Suit working SIGNAL/ROAD Builder

901 rubles

Quite a wide range of professional activities requires the use of signal suits. This clothing is suitable for builders, road workers, service personnel in some types of production activities.

The range of signal clothes of the Textile Master company:

  1. Suit working signal - a classic version of the jacket, overalls, which is well suited for use in any field of activity associated with increased danger, the need to ensure constantly high visibility of workers;
  2. Working suit road - view of a signal clothing, which is fit for the road workers. Equipped with reflective strips, and adapted for use in low visibility conditions, which are often encountered in the production of road works. It is also well suited to perform the duties of the relevant staff at night.

The given types of signal overalls from our company are quite enough to meet the current needs of various enterprises and organizations in this product. We offer high quality, compliance with existing requirements, standards, complete safety, durability, reliability. At the same time, all the copies of protective signaling clothing offered for wholesale purchase retain important operational properties, allow to perform their work in comfortable conditions.