Children's warm suits of protective colors in stock!

28 february 2018

We present to your attention a children's insulated costume KOS239, sewn in several colors:

  • Bright colors: "Winter city" and "Beige Steppe";
  • Dark colors "green cedar", "Map" and "Lizard".

The suit consists of an elongated warm jacket and trousers with a high back, straps. The hood of the jacket is trimmed with fur, it can be easily unfastened.

For tailoring of a suit the fabric selected "Alova". This knitted fabric provides comfort in the cold time of the year products are characterized by good thermal insulation properties, cold resistance and etc. Fabric "Alova" covered with a waterproof membrane, and so the child in this suit will not get wet.

Winter costume KOS239 – for tourism and recreation with children is a great choice!