Product catalog

Directory of workwear, from the "Textile Master", Ivanovo

Clothing: summer

Overalls: winter

Special clothes

Hunting, fishing, tourism


Buying work clothes is an important task, as its performance determines the quality of those employees. The company "Textile Master" offers wholesale purchasing of quality products of this type, and our range is able to fully meet the demand of any industrial enterprises, utilities, management company, the garage, any other organization in need of work clothes.

Our catalog of overalls from Ivanovo includes the following sections:

1) Summer overalls are suits, trousers, overalls, semi-overalls for various specialties which combine ease, functionality, durability;
2) Winter work wear is semi-overalls, jackets and suits, vests and pants, providing effective protection from the cold, while maintaining important safety characteristics, high quality;
3) Special clothing-a signal clothing, protection against acid, from high temperatures, which is necessary in the performance of specific professional duties;
4) Summer, winter clothing designed for hunting, tourism, fishing - a variety of types of clothing for the relevant types of recreation, including camouflage, waterproof models;
5) Gloves-a wide range of working models of gloves designed for different temperature conditions, types of production.

It is possible to order necessary working special clothes wholesale right now. We will provide you with the possibility of the maximum choice of these products at the most favorable prices.