Warm suit children's cloth Alova COS239 winter city


Model / article:


Price: 1540 rubles


The suit consists of a jacket and trousers with high back straps. The jacket is elongated: with detachable hood, Central zipper on the braid, sleeve with knitted cuff, two side pockets leaf. Backstage at the waist. Pants straight with two side pockets, on the belt with a high insulated back with straps.

Top fabric: Alova IN the impregnation of 100 % polyester

Insulation: Padding polyester-300 g/m2 jacket, 200 g/m2 pants with high back straps.


Fleece: hood, stand, shelves, jacket back, pants back.

Taffeta: sleeves, trousers.


  • Dim.32-34 growth of 116-122
  • Dim.32-34 the growth of 122-128
  • Dim.36-38 growth 128-134
  • Dim.36-38 growth 134-140
  • Dim.40-42 growth 140-146
  • Dim.40-42 growth 146-152
  • Dim.44-46 growth 152-158
  • Dim.44-46 height 158-164


Alova fabric is a knitted fabric covered with a moisture-repellent membrane.

Clothes made of this material can provide comfort in any weather. The fabric is velvety and very pleasant to the touch. Its advantages include:


  • good wind protection;
  • cold hardiness;
  • high water-repellent properties of the surface;
  • resistance to aggressive media (chemicals);
  • good thermal insulation properties;
  • high level of wear comfort;
  • high wear resistance.

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